Back to basics tile done during #eniOkenArtClub this week. We did a retrospective of 2022, and then did the standard Z string, incorporating the various strokes and techniques we found ourselves favoring or drawn to (pun intended!) this past year. For myself, I noted that I've used a lot of i and c strokes (lines and curves) this past year. Additionally, I've been using auras a ton, and, more interestingly, using them to create weaves. Compositionally, I've been using negative space more, and incorporating straight lines more often (often due to usage of auras). I also spent a lot of study in tangle transitions; Eni has a wonderful course on this subject, and then ended up doing a multi-part series this year in Art Club due to my interest in them. Finally, a technique we've discussed during club is how the four points and border for a tile... don't have to be always creating a uniform area. We experimented a few times with tiles where the border was close to the edge, smaller than normal, or even not parallel to the edges at all. I incorporated all of these ideas into this tile, and I'm super pleased with the outcome. Hoping it's the beginning of another wonderful year of art exploration!

Original art by Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Posted Saturday, January 7, 2023