Personal Statement

I am an open source software architect, specializing in PHP.

I am currently project lead for Zend Framework, a project with which I have been involved since before the first public preview release. I am a Zend Certified Engineer, and a member of the Zend Education Advisory Board, the group responsible for authoring the Zend Certification Exam. I contribute to a number of open source projects, blog on PHP-related topics, and present talks and tutorials related to PHP development and the projects to which I contribute.

Selected Work Experience

Zend Technologies, Inc.

Duties include scoping Zend Framework releases; interfacing with Zend customers and partners; acting as community liaison; creating architecture guidelines for the project; and more.

Zend Technologies, Inc.

Duties included maintenance and development of public-facing company websites; creation and maintenance of middle-tier web service layer used by public websites and internal processes; site architecture and team development; contribution to Zend Framework; and more.

National Gardening Association

Duties included development and maintenance of NGA web properties; systems administration of both public and internal network infrastructure, including LVS-HA web/database cluster, bulk mail system, and company email server.


I've been speaking at PHP-related conferences and user groups since October 2005, as well as performing online webinars, participating in podcasts, and more. I've delivered several dozen presentations, most of which are available via my SlideShare account. Below are a few select presentations.

Beautiful Software

ZendCon 2012
25 October 2012

Design Patterns Bootcamp
Vim + Unix Toolchain == IDE

PHPBenelux 2012
January 2012

Zend Framework 2 Workshop

PHPBenelux 2012
January 2012

Zend Framework Workshop


Real-World Solutions for Developing High-Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications

Contributed a case study entitled "Testing Service Oriented APIs", detailing unit testing and integration testing approaches for web services, using approaches learned in testing Zend Framework.

php|architect: Lifecyle of a Bug
php|architect: Zend Framework
php|architect: Optimizing Dojo and Zend Framework Integration
The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition

Contributed three chapters to this edition, including Chapter 3, "Error Handling"; Chapter 12, "XML and Web Services"; and Chapter 13, "Best Practices".

Open Source Contributions

Overview of a number of OSS projects to which I contribute.
Contributions made via GitHub.
PHP 5.3 implementation of Mustache, a templating language.
Zend Framework
Contributions have been made since January 2006:
  • From January 2006 — April 2008, as PHP Developer for Zend Technologies
  • From April 2008 — March 2009, as Software Architect for Zend Framework
  • From April 2009 — Present, as Project Lead for Zend Framework

Lead maintainer for File_Fortune.

Solar Framework

Collaboration with Paul M. Jones on form validation routines.


PHP port of the perl module CGI::Application.