Phly_Struct? no, Phly_Hash...

After some discussion with Paul and Mike, I was convinced that 'Struct' was a bad name for Phly_Struct; structs are rarely if ever iterable, and one key feature of Phly_Struct is its iterable nature.

The question is: what to name it? Associative arrays go by a variety of names in different languages. In Perl, they're 'hashes'; Ruby and Javascript, 'collections'; Python, 'dictionaries'. I ruled out Phly_Dictionary immediately, as (a) I don't want it to be confused with online dictionaries, and (b), it's too long. The term 'Collection' also feels too long (although I write things like Cgiapp2_ErrorException_Observer_Interface, so I don't know why length should be such an issue), as well as unfamiliar to many PHP developers. Hash can imply cryptographic algorithms, but, overall, is short and used often enough in PHP circles that it makes sense to me.

So, I've renamed Phly_Struct to Phly_Hash, and updated Phly_Config to use the new package as its dependency. In addition, I've had it implement Countable, so you can do things like:

$idxCount = count($struct);

Go to the channel page for instructions on adding Phly to your PEAR channels list, and grab the new package with pear install -a phly/Phly_Hash, or pear upgrade -a phly/Phly_Config.