PHP Anthology, 2nd Edition is out

Well, it's now official: The PHP Anthology, 2nd Edition is finally out, and, as you'll see if you follow the link, I'm listed as an author on it. :-) It's a pleasant surprise to see it out — I finished my chapters back in January, and had almost forgotten about it.

For those curious, I penned Chapters 9 ('Error Handling'), 12 ('XML and Web Services'), and 13 ('Best Practices'). If you're a reader and have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

Now, for those wondering about my bio: I submitted a few sentences for a bio a few months ago, and somehow one of those got abbreviated to 'Leading PEAR expert' on the main book landing page. For those of you PEAR developers out there (Greg, Josh, Stig, and many more I cannot list), you're the real PEAR experts, and I thank you much for the many hours of coding you've saved me over the years. I only hope my one little contribution (File_Fortune) and many emails on the pear-dev list have helped any of you.