Speaking at ZendCon 2008

I'll be speaking at ZendCon again this year, and have a four-course meal of sessions to deliver:

  • Best Practices of PHP Development: Mike Naberezny and I are teaming up for the fourth year running to deliver a tutorial session. While the session topic stays the same, he and I have each been developing a number of new practices over the past year that we look forward to presenting, including new work with PHPUnit for functional testing of your applications.

  • Getting Started with Zend Framework: This will build off our Quick Start, providing background on ZF as well as the basic tools and information needed to get your first ZF application up and running. I also hope to demonstrate how the current preview of Zend_Tool can simplify this dramatically.

  • Zend_Layout and Zend_Form: This session will show off features of Zend_Layout and Zend_Form. (Note: the subject matter may change.)

  • UnCon: Rich UIs and Easy XHR with Dojo and Zend Framework: For those unable to attend my webinar next week, or who simply want to see this in person, I'll be presenting my Dojo and Zend Framework talk during an UnCon session. I have developed a simple app to showcase various features of the Dojo/ZF integration, and to show how easy it is to quickly develop and then scale applications that have great, dynamic interfaces.

Looking forward to seeing you in California in September!