Looking For A New Adventure


As of 2019-10-01, I am once again employed full-time. Thank you everyone who reached out!

Fourteen years ago, almost to the day, I received a job offer from Zend to join their nascent eBiz team, where I started contributing almost immediately to the yet-to-be-announced Zend Framework. Two years later, I joined the Zend Framework team full-time. A year later, I was promoted to Architect. A year after that, I was promoted to Project Lead of Zend Framework, a role I kept for the next ten years. Over the years, Zend was acquired by RogueWave Software, which was in turn acquired by Perforce earlier this year.

Two months ago, almost to the day, was my last day with Zend/RogueWave/Perforce.

I'm now looking for a new adventure.

But first, a word about Laminas

As some of you might recall, in April, I blogged about transitioning Zend Framework to the Linux Foundation, as the new "Laminas Project".

This is still a work in progress, and I'm still dedicated to finalizing the transition. While we are well under-way technically, we're still identifying our initial corporate members. Regardless, we plan to launch the technical project soon, and will likely do a small, targeted fundraising effort to allow us to do some marketing projects and conference/speaker sponsorships while we finalize our long-term funding goals.

It's simply taking longer than we anticipated.

In the interim, I am still acting as project lead for the Laminas Project, including Apigility and Expressive, and working actively towards the project's organizational and funding goals.

And now this

Could your business benefit from somebody who has been in a leadership position of a large, enterprise, Open Source framework with hundreds of millions of downloads?

Do you need an expert PHP developer and application architect?

Do you need somebody to guide and implement your organization's API strategy?

Do you need somebody who can help you extract, maintain, and publish discrete library packages for your applications?

Do you need a competent and professional communicator for your development team?

Do you need somebody who can help you with your unit testing and continuous integration?

Do you need somebody who can implement git workflows, and help your team adopt them?

Do you need somebody to mentor your developers, teaching them about standards, object oriented programming, unit testing, and best practices?

These are all skills I can bring to the table.

What are my needs in a new position?

I work remotely. My entire tenure with Zend was done remotely, and I thrive best when I can manage my own time, including when and how interruptions occur. Additionally, I still have a child in the public school system, and uprooting them from their peers and support system is something I'd prefer to avoid. I will consider relocating, but only for exceptional teams and locations.

I would love for a company to hire me to continue working on Laminas as my primary duties. The project needs people with dedicated time to review issues and feature requests, create releases, write documentation, and answer questions from users.

One dream I've had for some time is to work for a company with a social mission, as I'd like to use my skills to make the world a better place.