Speaking at PHP Quebec

I'm speaking at PHP Quebec this week. While I live a scant 1.5 hours away from the venue, this is the first I've been to the conference. The snow gods have declared their wrath already, but I plan to thwart them and drive up to Montreal this evening regardless.

I'm giving two talks and participating in a panel discussion this week. The first talk is entitled "Practical Zend Framework Jutsu with Dojo," and, while it may look like a familiar topic of mine by this point, I've spent the last several days reworking the talk entirely, and am very much looking forward to presenting it tomorrow. (My copy of "Presentation Zen" could not have come soon enough! and that's all I'll say about that.)

On Friday, PHP Quebec has introduced a "Framework Bootcamp" track, including sessions by myself, Fabien Potencier of symfony, and Derick Rethans representing eZ Components. My talk that day is entitled "Zend Framework Little Known Gems." While hardly a completely original talk (Aaron Wormus did a "Hidden Gems" series of posts for DevZone a couple years back, and Zend's own Shahar Evron did a similar talk at last fall's IPC), this will be my first time doing a Zend Framework talk on something other than the MVC stack (or how to use components with the MVC stack). Leaving my comfort zone, so to speak.

Towards the end of the day, Fabien, Derick, and myself will be corralled onstage together for a "Framework Comparison".

If you're headed up to PHP Quebec this week, I look forward to meeting you or seeing you again!