Speaking at DPC (again!)

I'm thrilled to once again be speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference.

Like last year, I'm giving two sessions; unlike last year, these are going to be more advanced. I noticed last year both in terms of audience participation as well as in speaking with attendees that I'd be able to step it up a notch were I to return.

My Zend Framework Workshop will therefor focus on some more advanced material — and in particular the various plugin systems we offer and how to utilize them to make your life easier. Additionally, I'll likely incorporate much of my the material from my various Zend_Form posts to give some more advanced modelling and rendering material than I have in the past.

I'm also giving a "regular" session, entitled simply, "Contribute!" In this session, I'll show how you can be a good open source netizen, and provide some tools, tips, and tricks for contributing to your favorite open source projects.

So, plan on attending — if not for me, for one of the other fantastic speakers who will be at the event (Andrei Zmievski, Sebastian Bergmann, Derick Rethans, Rob Allen, Paul Reinheimer, and many, many more). Convince your boss to book your tickets before 30 April 2009 to save her some money (€100 on Full Ticket and €55 on the Tutorial only ticket). Just get there!