Please Join Me At TEK-X

I'll be speaking this year at TEK-X, this year's incarnation of the php|tek conference, in Chicago in May.

I have the distinct privilege of doing another tutorial this year with Lorna Jane Mitchell. Unlike last year, we're not sticking to just Subversion, but instead covering a whole spectrum of PHP development practices, including coding standards and quality assurance. We're both very excited about the talk; please join us on tutorial day!

I'm also doing an "upgrade" or "reboot" of my Domain Models talk, which I debuted last year during the UnCon. This time around, I'm going to focus on how usage of NoSQL for the datastore affects and informs your domain models — and how it might very well radically change how you develop your applications.

If you'll be attending TEK-X this year, look me up while there; I'd love to meet you!