PHP Invades Amsterdam; or, the Dutch PHP Conference

For the third year running, I'm pleased to be speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference, held again in Amsterdam this coming 10–12 of June.

Once again, I'll be doing another Zend Framework workshop, but this year I'll be teaming up with Rob Allen. Our focus this year will be on oft-used application patterns found in the ZF ecosystem, and how you can weave them together to create complex and robust applications.

I'm also presenting two regular sessions. The first is a session on writing RESTful web services with Zend Framework. My goal is to show you a handful of techniques that should get you up and running, building RESTful applications that can respond to normal HTML requests as well as XML and JSON payloads with a minimum of effort.

My second session will be a continuation of my "Models" talk, but this time looking at domain models from the perspective of NoSQL databases. "NoSQL" means "Not Only SQL", and refers to the new proliferation of data stores that focus on key/value storage and document storage. They offer some new paradigms to how we store and retrieve data, and also introduce some potentially more flexible, lightweight ways to map your domain objects to the data store.

There will be a ton of great speakers at DPC again this year — from stalwart PHP veterans such as Chris Shiflett and Sebastian Bergmann to core PHP developers like Scott MacVicar, Ilia Alshanetsky and Melanie Rhianna Lewis, and many, many more. It's not one to miss!

Hoping to meet you in Amsterdam this June!