PHP: Continue processing after script aborts

Occasionally, I've needed to process a lot of information from a script, but I don't want to worry about PHP timing out or the user aborting the script (by clicking on another link or closing the window). Initially, I investigated register_shutdown_function() for this; it will fire off a process once the page finishes loading. Unfortunately, the process is still a part of the current connection, so it can be aborted in the same way as any other script (i.e., by hitting stop, closing the browser, going to a new link, etc.).

However, there's another setting initialized via a function that can override this behaviour — i.e., let the script continue running after the abort. This is ignore_user_abort(). By setting this to true, your script will continue running after the fact.

This sort of thing would be especially good for bulk uploads where the upload needs to be processed — say, for instance, a group of images or email addresses.