Cgiapp 1.7.0 released

I'm getting ready to move in another week, and thought it was time to push a new release out the door… before life descends into utter chaos.

Cgiapp 1.7.0 adds a plugin architecture (which has been present in the perl version since last autumn). Plugins register with the class, and, once registered, their methods may be called from your Cgiapp-based class as if they were part of it through the magic of overloading. This allows for a standard library of utilities to be written — such as form validation (a sample class for this has been provided utilizing HTML_QuickForm), authentication, error logging, etc.

Additionally, I created a Cgiapp5 class that inherits from and extends Cgiapp. Along with it is a CgiappErrorException class that can handle PHP errors and rethrow them as exceptions. Combined, the two create some very elegant run mode error handling that simply isn't possible in PHP4.

Visit the Cgiapp website for more information on Cgiapp; if you want to try it, download it.