Planet PHP

I recently had an email exchange with chregu of Planet PHP regarding Planet PHP's blog selection. I've been subscribing to its RSS feed for over a year now, but was uncertain how blogs were selected — was it based on popularity of the developer, projects the developer works on (for instance, PEAR), etc. I felt that it was time for this information to be made public; it helps inform the readership why they're reading what they're reading.

And my exchange with him resulted in his Planet PHP FAQ blog entry, which hopefully someday will become a static page on the site. Additionally, I found out how new blogs get added, and am proud to announce I'm now in the lineup!

(Of course, the timing could not really be worse, come to think of it. I'm moving my family in to town this weekend (from our house in the Green Mountains of Vermont), and I need to make arrangements for hosting in the interim while we wait for phone and DSL service — which won't be up for at least another week :-( I'm sure I'll figure out something… stay tuned!)

Update: corrected link to Planet PHP FAQ.