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Advent 2023: Makefile: guard targets

A couple days ago, I wrote about Makefile. Today, I'm going to show a quick tip for writing "guard" targets.

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Advent 2023: Makefile

I like to automate common workflows when I can, particularly for web projects. As an example, I may have different Docker Compose setups for development versus production, and having to remember to add the -f {compose file name} argument can be tedious and error prone.

Being a long-time Linux user, I've used make a lot, and am fairly comfortable with Makefile, so I often turn to it for these tasks.

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Advent 2023: MOTD on Ubuntu

I never intended for this Advent 2023 series to be a "Matthew's Bash Tips" series, but evidently, that's where things are going.

Today, I detail how to get the "message of the day" on Ubuntu

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Advent 2023: Shellcheck

As you may have noted from previous posts in this Advent 2023 series, I find myself using Bash more and more often. This has certainly been a surprise for a career PHP developer, but it is what it is.

With PHP, there are a wealth of QA tools, from unit testing, to enforcing coding standards, to static analysis. What about with Bash? Well, the tools exist, and there's one I literally cannot write Bash without: Shellcheck.

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Advent 2023: A deploy script

For the fourth day of 2023 advent blogging, I'm sharing a tool I've used to simplify deployment.

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Advent 2023: Bashly

For the third day of my 2023 advent blogging, I'm covering a tool I've really leaned hard on the last few years: Bashly.

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